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Plot summary

The world is on the brink of destruction. The treaties of the past have failed. Tensions brew as the Europa powers prepare themselves for war. The young leader of Germania, Hitora, finds herself drawn into battle. She needs a strategist. A man with the knowledge to help unite the continent under one banner. Yamato, a brave General from the Empire of Nippon, is summoned to her side. Can Yamato take on Hitora's vast enemies; the sly Cyrano, the wise Churchill and the devilish Starin? Or will the world be plunged into further tyranny and darkness?

Conquer and expand into new territories! Fall in love! Capture the world and the hearts of girls!


Adorofia Hitora Gallia Cyrano Winstefina Churchill Iosefina Starin Iosefina Goebbels Hermina Goring Karol Donitz Iorgina Zhukov Maurie Gamelin Roi Jean Dowdy Stuffy More characters coming soon!

CG art

Empress Hirohito CG Fuhrer Hitora Rally CG Starry Night CG Cyrano Debut CG The Bismarck Sails CG Stuffy At War CG


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Concept art

Concept Art 1 Concept Art 2 Concept Art 3 Concept Art 4 Concept Art 5 Concept Art 6


What genre is this game?
Comedy, action and romance. It is silly and quirky, but also deals with themes of warfare, loss, jingoism and more.

So you date the dictators?
One element of the game is that it's a dating sim. Success in battles, engaging with the fictional characters and making choices, can lead to plenty of romantic scenarios. Choose your poison.

Which countries do you play for?
The game starts out the same every time. You are Commander Yamato, sent to Germania on an exchange program, to work for Adorofia Hitora as a tactician in her planned invasion of Polix. From there, the choices you make will determine where your allegiances lie and which dictator you woo.

How accurate is it historically?
It's a mix. For instance, tanks, planes, ships, weapons and more, are intended to accurately reflect their real-world counterparts. Names, locations, timing of events, historical encounters; many of these have been fictionalized and changed, either for comedic value, or to enhance the story.

Is this game a satire?
As a parody-game, it features fictional characters, locations and events, and also plays on the stereotypes related to the actual history. Although the game features plenty of satirical material, it isn't political however. From the start, we have never intended to make a political statement. Our desire with this game isn't to make any kind of serious point or to show particular affiliation to any kind of ideology.

Am I going to be offended? The subject matter seems controversial.
This really depends on you. We certainly don't intend to offend or hurt anyone by releasing this game. For many, the war remains a sensitive issue, and as such, they believe it should not be parodied. We think it's important to be able to discuss these things openly, and by using humour in this game, allow some catharsis for this to occur. As an exercise in free speech, it's good that we can all express ourselves on topics we find uncomfortable.

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